This age is offering an opportunity we might not even know about


Fuel Your Ideas and Make It Happen!

Fuel Your Ideas and Make It Happen!

Everything you need to know about Design Science in the New Paradigm Age

We operate on dense vibrational levels that are complements of the finer forces and processes and choose to make things”

— Herb G. Bennet

REED DEER, ALBERTA, CANADA, March 16, 2022 / — New paradigm shifts occur only once every 26,000 years. When these changes happen it can mean better opportunities for those who know how to tap into the energy changes. In this book, Herbert Glenn Bennett describes how one can take advantage of this paradigm shift, particularly when it comes to designing buildings and even objects.

He calls his new philosophy Design Science.

But with Design Science comes a new way of thinking.

“We must shift our thinking to realize our fullest potential, to enjoy peace, and abundance. Uncovering true talent requires very accessible creative skills. With clear vision, mission and purpose we can find our ‘WHY’ making us wise,” Bennett says.

Aside from Design Science, Bennett teaches and reinforces five points in the book:

1.) How Design Science can use paradigms to create new lifestyles.
2.) How we should start a new paradigm journey.
3.) How to tap into our Lifeforce where all wisdom, intelligence, knowledge, and information come from.
4.) How we must prepare our minds to keep watch for opportunities that come with paradigm shifts.
5.) How self-learning can build empowerment, and change lives and communities.

About the author

Aside from being an author, artist, and architect, Herbert Bennett is also a researcher, industrial designer, and inventor with several patents to his name that are now being used in industries like commercial arts, architecture, marketing, print media and packaging design. He also advises cultural and business organizations regarding product development and integrated branding development.

He graduated from the Institute of Design and Construction and Pratt Institute and currently teaches at The Fashion Institute of Technology SUNY New York and directs the Loggia research and development group.

As for his artworks, he has been featured in special arts projects, private collections, and gallery exhibitions. While architecture is his forte, for him it’s not just about form; everything has energy as a result of how they are made or designed.

Why you should read this book

Sometimes people wonder why they always appear to have bad luck, or why they cannot seem to finish or even just focus on certain tasks. Bennett explains how our energies are actually tied to the things we do and create.

Bennet can help you transform your mindset and stimulate that part of your mind that has always been open to wisdom, intelligence, knowledge, and information without you even knowing about it.

He can also guide you into following a worldwide movement behind his philosophy.

EComRocket is including this book in a presentation of new and exciting titles in London from April 5 to 7, 2022.

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