Rising Artist A-Stylez Stuns with New Single


Rising Artist A-Stylez

With the release of his soul-stirring new combination “Work of Art”, A-Stylez is presenting to listeners an enriching and exciting mix of sounds and rhythms

BRONX, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, April 8, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Few artists can showcase their gifts as up-and-coming acts, while simultaneously setting the stage for a new and vibrant sound to the Alternative genre. One such act is A-Stylez, a dynamic and talented artist who brings with his craft a new and refreshing soundscape.

The Bronx-based artist showcases a seasoned sense of musical composition, complete with moving and intriguing lyricism, intricately woven into memorable rhythms, hooks, and melodies that magnetize. Titled “Work of Art”, the stirring new track is a collaboration between the New York-based singer-songwriter and contemporary artist, Deon.

“Work of Art” sheds light on an exciting and entertaining collaboration between A-Stylez and Deon, who blend their talents seamlessly. Trading authentic and contemplative verses with each other, while remaining true to the melodic flow and rhythmic beat of the composition, A-Stylez and Deon exhibit a splendid musical ethos.

Bringing new sounds to the streets of New York has always been a driving mantra of the eclectic artist, and with “Work of Art”, A-Stylez puts on display, depth of vocals, inimitable flow, and captivating hooks.

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A young, up-and-coming artist who hopes to make a lasting impact in the realm of Alternative, A-Stylez hopes to cultivate a musical character that is meaningful and exciting. The talented powerhouse was always inspired to find his own unique voice in the realm of Alternative music, and with a drive to reach the absolute top of the charts through his talents, he has been catalyzed to create novel sounds and rhythms.

With the release of his riveting and intriguing new single, “Work of Art”, the artist believes that he delivers his vocal and musical prowess, with ease. Always inspired to bring something new and unparalleled to music, A-Stylez wishes to make his name a brand to be reckoned with. Having been locked in in the studio for the creative process behind his new single, the artist gave his new track everything, and anticipates that it will become a hit follow-up to his self-titled EP, ‘A-Stylez’, which he dropped last October.


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Work Of Art (feat. Deon Young) (Radio Edit)

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