Revolutionary NFT Platform PolyOne Announces XO-Planet Collection after Groundbreaking Launch in Cradle of Civilization


PolyOne XO-Planets NFT Series

PolyOne announces XO-Planet NFT Collection as pre-launch boarding passes for privileged access. Proceeds will benefit refugees of the wars in the Ukraine & Iraq

All arts tell a story, and art is a pursuit of truth. In a time when we have a deficit of truth, we need more art.”

— – Shawn Emamjomeh, Founder, PolyOne

NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2022 / — PolyOne aims to reduce entry barriers to the NFT market for digital artists, creators, and celebrities. The platform allows artists to mint NFTs, showcase their work in exclusive universes, and sell them effortlessly.

On March 21st, PolyOne launched in spectacular fashion as the ‘first arts and entertainment NFT platform with a Global Mission.’ An exciting new NFT marketplace, it runs off the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains as it propels global art into the NFT stratosphere.

The launch entitled ‘Genesis Drop’ took place live from ‘the cradle of civilization’ in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq, a UNESCO World Heritage site located within one of the world’s oldest cities, as the works of renowned global artists were projected onto the ancient citadel walls. The one-of-one NFTs formed a breathtaking outdoor ‘museum’ and will soon be available for purchase via PolyOne’s marketplace, which will be unveiled this April 2022.

Watch! PolyOne’s iconic artists & the full digital NFT experience here:




Watch! PolyOne’s incredible visual recap here

Now the pioneering platform has announced the sale of a striking Pre-Launch NFT collection entitled XO-Planets to serve as boarding passes for privileged access.

NFT tickets of the Sun, Moon, and Earth act like membership passes, giving ticket holders access to PolyOne’s landing pad in the Metaverse. Holders of all three tickets will be able to land in their solar system’s habitable zones, which PolyOne creators will develop into alien XO-planet ecosystems.

All ticket holders receive an array of rewards and utilities that include early access to NFT drops from PolyOne’s roster of highly curated artists, reserved supply, Greenlist (PolyOne’s version of Whitelist), minting privileges, airdrops, access to private NFT Collectors Discord, opportunity to redeem limited edition of physical items, access to PolySpaces in Brooklyn, New York, and Asbury Park, New Jersey, membership programs, and so much more. Proceeds from PolyOne’s XO-Planet NFT series will benefit refugees of the wars in the Ukraine and Iraq.

WATCH! Founder Shawn Emamjomeh introduce PolyOne’s XO-Planet NFT Series here

Each Exo-Planet NFT is a beautiful piece of art to collect and display. All XO-Planet NFTs carry the same utilities, except holders of all three tickets get additional access and utility in the Metaverse. Holders of all three Sun, Moon, and Earth tickets receive a bonus XO-planet series NFT, with added utility and rarity. Each of the 3 XO-Planet NFT tickets is limited to just 1,111 units. So there are 3,333 NFTs available in total.

The drop also gives priority access to purchase PolyOne’s XO-Planets NFT Collection, which celebrates the launch of the Webb Telescope – a monumental scientific feat – which set sail on Christmas Day 2021.

During its launch, PolyOne revealed plans to curate NFT collections for ‘hundreds’ of charities and give creators the option of making donations to their own chosen cause. The art-focused platform will put 100% of their net profits back into ‘Global One’ – a DeFi (de-centralized finance) organization whose mission is to finance projects that elevate the standard of living in our communities or address matters of global concern.’

PolyOne launched with 30 NFT artists from 19 countries featuring a dynamic and eclectic array of work from Average_CPU/ Daphne Alexiadou, Thomas Albos, Alexandre Azevedo, Tishk Barzanji, Finn Berenbroek, Children of Eden, Grammy-Nominated singer Ashley Tamar Davis, Saeko Ehara, Yoann De Geetere, Danae Gosset, Ali Hadian, Vartika Jangid, Balkan Karisman, Kynd, Laney La, Lynn Lin, Tomas Loewy, Francesco Misceo, Richard Mourant, Carlos Munnoz, Porkchop, Murat Sayginer, Jeremy Nathan Tisser, Carlo Vega, Jasan Waldura, Amra Faye Wright, Yyork, and more. Fans can follow, engage, browse, buy, collect, and resell these scarce, original, one-of-a-kind NFT works through

Shawn Emamjomeh, PolyOne Founder, said: “All arts tell a story, and art is a pursuit of truth. In a time when we have a deficit of truth, we need more art.”

“NFTs are about property ownership, and property ownership is about the Magna Carter, which led to all of our democratic movements and society being able to develop democracy.”

“I created PolyOne to distribute a story.”

The live event, which took place on the day of ‘Nowruz’ – the Persian new year – marked a new development in the journey of NFTs, which are transcending the boundaries of the digital world and taking on real-world significance.

With strategic partners, Trendland, Braw Haus, and Parlor Gallery, PolyOne will host public art installations and physical community ‘incubator spaces’ for NFT artists in Brooklyn and Asbury Park, New Jersey. These incubator spaces will serve as hubs for collaborations, classes, and lively gatherings.

The PolyOne marketplace allows users to exchange mint, hold, authenticate and trade NFTs via the Ethereum blockchain or its layer 2, environmentally friendly solution, Polygon.

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This news story originally appeared at Trending Shows - Trend Magazine on 31 March 2022

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