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Lorrisa Julianus portrays Marvel Comics’ Wolverine.

Actor/Writer /Producer Lorrisa Julianus

Actor/Writer/Producer Lorrisa Julianus.

Lorrisa Julianus strikes a pose as Cleopatra

Lorrisa Julianus strikes a pose as Cleopatra.

It is rare to discover the talents that Ms. Julianus possesses – Writer, Editor, Lead Actor, Musician, Producer – all while making her work look effortless.

Accolades comes in many forms, and sadly, we often discover that the praise is undeserved. In the case of Ms. Lorrisa Julianus however, words might not come close to describing her talents.”

— Film Maker John Wesley Norton

CROWN POINT, IN, UNITED STATES, April 15, 2022 / — Accolades comes in many forms, and sadly, we often discover that praise is misplaced or undeserved. In the case of Ms. Lorrisa Julianus however, words might not come close to describing the myriad talents she possesses in her overflowing tool box. She is the star and writer of the smash comedy, “The Misadventures of Mistress Maneater”, an multiple award-winning rom-com that is fresh and unique, while creating a huge buzz and blowing up the genre’s conventions.

To get a better understanding of who Ms. Julianus really is, she related her beginnings in the entertainment world, and specifically her passion for film making. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a huge movie fan.” Ms. Julianus says. “As a child, my passion was old films, especially silent films. So, yes, I was a weird Wednesday Addams kind of kid. but the joy I found in watching classic films fueled my desire to learn everything I could about the movie business and story telling. And the classics are great because the best ones were ALL about the story and the script. There was no CGI back then to cover up the shortcomings of bad writing, and if the story wasn’t solid, the movie wouldn’t be solid either. It’s a lesson that stuck with me.”

And from a young age, Ms. Julianus was the quintessential overachiever. ‘My mom pulled me out of public school and home schooled me. I graduated high school when I was 14, and just kept my education going, since it seemed to be the thing to do. I immediately enrolled in junior college, and then finished up my Bachelor’s Degree at Columbia College in Chicago, graduating with a degree in film and theater when I was 17.”

She started off as an author and playwright, getting her first manuscript published when she was 12 years old. ” As a child, my life revolved around creating my own worlds, and writing allowed me to do just that. I spent all of my free time writing stories. and the joy I felt as a young writer is the same joy I feel today.”

As a playwright, her works have been performed around the world. But today, she is leaving her mark as a film maker. “I’ve always dreamed of creating movies, and every step I’ve taken in the entertainment business has led me to where I am today. I started as an actor, and have had some success with that, but there seemed to be a glass ceiling that I was alway bumping my head on. So my husband C.J. and I decided that we weren’t going to wait on others any longer, that we would take control of our destiny. And that logically led to me writing and producing my own material, and doing everything I can to make the kinds of movies that I want to see, with unique characters and situations that audiences haven’t seen before.”

“The Misadventures of Mistress Maneater” is that kind of movie. The plot tells the story of Ava Moriarty, an art history PhD candidate who has had far more than her share of life difficulties. Due to her life being threatened over an enormous debt, she’s forced into a scandalous scheme: Do everything in her power to force a local parish priest to sell his church to an unscrupulous politician. While on the surface this may sound fairly familiar, the story is far from ordinary and actually incorporates many unexpected twists that will delight viewers of the film.

“C.J. and I are weary of retreads, remakes, and predictability in movies, and that was the genesis of the script. Ava is a highly intelligent character, who uses her wits to outsmart the toxic males who seem to populate her life, while trying to solve a mystery, and along the way, finds real enduring love with literally the last person it would be expected from.”

Julianus wore many hats during the production of the film, each impressive in their own right. The film features an original score by heralded composer Lisa Liu, and an original song with lyric by Julianus, and music by Ms. Liu. In addition, there is a priceless baroque painting that serves as the central mystery to the film, that Ms. Julianus painted herself. “During the 2008/09 recession, money was short, so I decided to take up painting as a way to earn extra money, and before I knew it, my work was being shown in a few galleries. So to save money that we needed for the production, I painted “Judith and Holofernes” myself.”

C.J. added, “the painting is fantastic, and the finished result is perfect for the film, as it’s a metaphor for female empowerment overcoming the toxic masculinity that so many women face almost daily. On top of that, it’s simply a masterpiece on its own.”

Once filming was complete, Ms. Julianus took on another important role, that of being a film editor. “It’s a skill I picked up in film school, almost as an afterthought. I’m just glad I learned how to edit a film, because that alone saved the production tens of thousands of dollars”. Ms. Julianus continued, “Ultimately, we wanted to make a movie that looks like a million bucks, and I think with C.J.’s directing and co-producing skills, we accomplished just that.”

“The Misadventures of Mistress Maneater” is streaming on major channels, including YouTube, Amazon Prime, Tubi, AppleTV, GooglePlay, and IMDbTV. The film is earning rave reviews from audiences across the world, and was recently named on of the best independent films of 2021 by Marie Asner of the Kansas City Film Critics Circle. To find out more, visit the film’s fan page, “Mistress Maneater Movie” on Facebook.

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