Director Lanxin Du’s first animated film “Naked” won the Best Student Film Award at the Cannes World Film Festival 2022



Naked: the Cannes World Film Festival,Portland Film Festival, Flicker's Rhode Island Film Festival, Lebanese Independent Film Festival, Northern Wave International Film Festival



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My animation is inspired by the film Persepolis in both style and character creation. My teacher Robert Epstein and Kota Ezawa gave me precious advice.”

— Lanxin Du

ISTANBUL, TURKEY, October 6, 2022 / — At the Cannes World Film Festival 2022, Lanxin Du(Nancy) from Nanjing, China, won the Best Student Film for her first animated short Film, “Naked.”

“Naked” is the spent two years writing the first animated short, in this story she joined some personal experience, also expressed her present understanding of art and life, she mentioned: “My animation is inspired by the film Persepolis in both style and character creation. My teacher Robert Epstein and Kota Ezawa gave me precious advice on my animation too.”

Lanxin recalled her childhood memories of movies: “My father likes movies very much. One of the genres that impressed me most was American blockbusters, such as The Bodyguard and True Lies. I would watch them with him when I was young. The other one is the European literary films — black and white boring films. At that time, I could not understand them but I had a vague feeling that literary people should watch such films,haha! “

Ahout animated short Film Naked

Naked a surrealist animation with a girl’s dream as the clue. In the observatory, the girl is trapped in a series of recurring dreams, reflecting on the different stages of her previous life and the people she has met. After waking up from her dreams, she embarks on a journey to the moon to find her heart in the fantastical space of the observatory. The process of working on the story and communicating with her characters becomes a process of exploring the relationship between individuals and themselves, family, society and the universe. Director Lanxin chooses a 2D hand-painted style, with black, white and red as the three main colors to enhance the visual conflict, while using dramatic imagery, minimal sound and free space movement to interpret the abstract story.

About nominations for other film festivals

In addition to the Cannes World Film Festival, Lanxin’ s short film has been official selected at Portland Film Festival, Flicker’s Rhode Island Film Festival, Lebanese Independent Film Festival and Northern Wave International Film Festival.

Ahout Plans for the next movie

Speaking of her future plans, Lanxin said she is working on her first feature film, a mythological tale set in southern China, and will continue to gather inspiration and work in San Francisco, Istanbul and China.

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About Nancy

Lanxin Du is a post-90s director from Nanjing, China. She graduated from California College of the Arts with a master’s degree in film and now lives in the United States and Turkey. Influenced by her father at an early age, she developed a keen interest in books, music and films.

Between 2011 and 2016, she created several short films as a director and screenwriter, covering a wide range of subjects.

In 2017, Lanxin and her friends founded Skyfilm Culture and Media Co., LTD., which focuses on film and television creation. Her stories usually revolve around exploring the universe and the self.

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