Colorado Snowsports Hall of Famer and Filmmaker Chris Anthony Announces Tour for Award-Winning Film, Mission Mt. Mangart


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Mission Mt. Mangart

International Documentary Features Legendary Story of the 10th Mountain Division in Italy: Before they were Soldiers, they were Skiers.

DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, August 23, 2022 / — Professional skier, filmmaker, and Colorado Snowsports Hall of Fame inductee, Chris Anthony, is pleased to announce the tour dates for the award-winning documentary Mission Mt. Mangart. The film follows the U.S. Army’s legendary 10th Mountain Division’s trailblazing efforts, which were led by volunteers during the experimental infantry unit in the Julian Alps region of Italy from the initial concept to the end of World War II (WW2). Mission Mt. Mangart was written, directed, edited, and produced by Chris Anthony, who also created the film’s original score in partnership with American composer Carlo Nicolau.

While many books, films, and stories have recounted the 10th’s history, Mission Mt. Mangart delves into the untold tales of the 10th, which Anthony brings back to life. The documentary portrays a unique perspective shared by skiing professional Chris Anthony, who serendipitously stumbled upon the Division’s exploits while on a personal skiing trip to Italy.

“When I heard the soldier’s stories about the ski race on Mangart, I immediately knew I needed to make this film. Mangart isn’t just a documentary about a mountain – it’s an epic story carved into history that will forever tell the legacy of the 10th Mountain Division,” said Chris Anthony, Filmmaker, and Professional Skier. “And the story hits home with Colorado ties to Camp Hale where the 10th trained. Mission Mt. Mangart is a film for everyone who loves to ski and appreciates the mountains.”

History in the Making
Mission Mt. Mangart leads up to Germany’s surrender to Italy on May 2, 1945, and how the Division ended up as peacekeepers on the Yugoslavian border in the Julian Alps until July 1945. At that time, Yugoslavian Dictator Joseph Tito had pushed his Army over the Italian border into the region of Mt. Mangart, where he attempted to hold the line.

During previous combat, the 10th had successfully obtained a supply of German ski gear, hoping the stash would prove helpful. As they gazed upon Mt. Mangart’s massive snowfield, they remembered that before they were soldiers, they were skiers.
The story of the 10th Mountain Division is intertwined with Anthony’s six-year journey of self-discovery in this period of history. To complete this massive undertaking, Anthony received aid from the Slovenian Association of Mountain Soldiers, NATO, The Slovenian Mountain Troops, the Slovenian Ministry of Defense, and the United States Embassy in Slovenia, as well as assistance from retired Slovenian Brigadier General Janez Kavar – now a historian of mountain troops.

Mission Mt. Mangart Tour Dates
Similar to Anthony’s previous documentary efforts that he completed in partnership with Warren Miller Entertainment and the Colorado Snowsports Museum, Climb to Glory, Anthony aims to keep the legacy and sacrifices made by American troops alive on film.

The following is a list of tour dates and upcoming events that will show Mission Mt. Mangart:
• August 30 – Fort Drum, New York, with the Active 10th Mountain Division
• September 1 – Washington DC, Slovenian Embassy, Private Screening with dignitaries including Justice from Supreme Court.
• September 10 – Pontebba, Italy
• September 12 – Poljče, Slovenia with NATO
• October 1 – Breckenridge, Colorado Mountain College (CMC)
• October 14 – HAATS Eagle – Army High Altitude Aviation Training Center
• October 22 – Saint Francis, Yacht Club San Francisco – Members only, Co-hosted by Johnny Moseley
• October 28 – Silverthorne, Bluebird Market, 5:30 PM
• November 3 – Denver Newman Center – This is officially the Chris Anthony Youth Initiative Project Gala Show open to the public, featuring nationally acclaimed singer Erica Brown.
• November 18 – Kitzbuehel, Austria
• December 14 – Aspen, Wheeler Opera House

About the Chris Anthony Youth Initiative Project
In addition to creating award-winning films and documentaries, Chris Anthony also operates a non-profit called the Chris Anthony Youth Initiative Project. The mission of the Chris Anthony Youth Initiative Project is to improve the quality of life by introducing youth to educational enrichment opportunities. The non-profit places mentors in the classroom by bridging students to experiential opportunities beyond school, provides financial support, and builds educational tools that enhance the classroom experience.

Trailer for Mission Mt. Mangart:

Film Awards
* Best Historical Documentary Nomination, Cannes World Film Festival, 2021 & 2022
* Best Historical Documentary, Cannes World Film Festival, 2021
* Best Documentary, Castellabate Film Festival, 2021
* Best Feature Length Documentary, Florence Film Awards, 2021
* Silver Medal, Milan Gold Awards, 2021
* Best Original Score, Florence Film Awards, 2021
* Silver for Original Score, Milan Gold Awards, 2021
* Finalist for European Cinematography, 2021

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Trailer Mission Mt. Mangart

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