Blue Whales 3D: Return of the Giants Will Make its World Premiere at The California Science Center IMAX Theater on May 25th, 2023


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LOS ANGELES, May 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On May 25th 2023, guests will dive into an inspiring story of recovery and adventure about the largest animals to have ever lived when Blue Whales 3D: Return of the Giants, makes its global debut at the California Science Center IMAX Theater. Audiences will explore their strong family bonds, their harmonious long-distance communication tactics, and the vital and surprising role these incredible animals play in the health of our oceans.

Blue Whales 3D plunges viewers into the mysterious world of these magnificent mammals, who are now making a triumphant return from the brink of extinction. Audiences embark on a journey along with two separate scientific expeditions: first, to try and find a pod of blue whales off the coast of East Africa, where there hasn’t been an official sighting for more than 50 years; and then to chronicle blue whale families in Mexico’s gorgeous Gulf of California.

“We are so thrilled to be bringing BLUE WHALES 3D to audiences,” says Hugh Pearson, Director and Producer, Oceanic Films. “I have a lifelong passion for blue whales that borders on obsession. What better way to share the story of the largest animal that has ever lived – bigger than any dinosaur – than life-size, on a seven-story giant screen? And in 3D the film is so immersive.”

Narrated by award-winning actor Andy Serkis (best known for his roles in the Lord of the Rings franchise and the final Star Wars saga) and accompanied by a powerful score composed by Academy-Award winner Steven Price (best known for his score in Gravity) heard through IMAX’s next-generation 12 channel surround sound system, audiences will find themselves fully submerged in the underwater home of the blue whale. There, they will catch a glimpse of the day-to-day life of these gentle giants and the extremes and challenges scientists must endure as they research these incredible animals.

These colossal creatures are joined on screen by guest appearances from fellow marine wildlife like dolphins, sperm whales, turtles, sea lions, and orcas. This once-in-a-lifetime adventure not only brings us never-before-seen blue whale footage, but also transforms our understanding of the entire species. Viewers will discover newfound hope in the future of our oceans through the return of the spectacular blue whale.

“We’re proud to have played a role in the development of this film, and we are excited to share it with our guests,” said Jeffrey Rudolph, President and CEO of the California Science Center. “We anticipate Blue Whales 3D will help stimulate curiosity and inspire audiences to engage with whale research and conservation efforts.”

Blue Whales 3D is accompanied by a collection of free educational resources and materials produced by the California Science Center and HHMI Tangled Bank Studios, and made possible by funding from the National Science Foundation. These activities may be found online and include:

  • Whale Beats, an interactive online game where you can create your own musical masterpiece using sounds from the natural world.
  • An immersive AR experience where users can “swim” alongside life-size blue whales.
  • Three “Virtual Field Trip” videos in both English and Spanish featuring real blue whale research made accessible for young viewers (grades 3-5).
  • Accompanying hands-on activities, all available in English and Spanish.

After seeing the movie, guests can further explore ocean life by visiting Ecosystems, located inside the California Science Center. Ecosystems is a free exhibition showcasing an unprecedented blend of live plants and animals, and hands-on science exhibits in 11 immersive environments. From walking through a living kelp forest to experimenting on a polar ice wall, explorers will investigate some of the Earth’s most fascinating ecosystems. Highlights include a 188,000-gallon kelp tank populated with live fish, kelp and other marine life.

Blue Whales 3D has a run time of 45 minutes and is presented and distributed by SK Films in IMAX and Giant Screen theaters at museums and science centers worldwide. It was produced in partnership with HHMI Tangled Bank Studios, Oceanic Films, the California Science Center, and the National Science Foundation.  

Buy your IMAX tickets online at or call 213-744-2019. Special discounts available for groups of 15 or more.

To watch the trailer, explore interactive materials, or to learn more about Blue Whales 3D: Return of the Giants go to or

About the California Science Center
The California Science Center is a dynamic destination where families, adults, and students can explore the wonders of science through hands-on exhibits, live demonstrations, innovative programs, and awe-inspiring movies. The California Science Center and IMAX Theater are located in historic Exposition Park just west of the Harbor (110) Freeway at 700 Exposition Park Drive, Los Angeles. The Science Center is open daily from 10:00 a.m.5:00 p.m. with free general admission (closed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day). Parking at Exposition Park is $15.

About SK Films
SK Films is a multiple award-winning content provider and a global leader in the IMAX®/Giant Screen industry. SK works across various genres and platforms, including theatrical, television and digital media, with a special emphasis on creating high impact natural history and science related content. SK has a reputation as one of the most accomplished and respected producers and distributors supplying 3D, 2D and Dome products to IMAX and other Giant Screen theaters worldwide, with a mission to entertain and inspire audiences and immerse them in the awe and wonder of the natural world we live in. For more information, please visit

About Oceanic Films
Oceanic Films specialize in making wildlife films at sea, telling dramatic and engaging stories from above and below the waves. We have a deep understanding of the oceans and passion for telling stories about marine wildlife and the many challenges facing the health of our seas today. Oceanic Films was established by Hugh Pearson, an EMMY and BAFTA award-winning director and world leader at producing and directing ocean wildlife films; Hugh has a degree in Marine Biology and over two decades experience filming at sea.

About HHMI Tangled Bank Studios
HHMI Tangled Bank Studios is a mission-driven production company that crafts films that inspire awe and wonder where science is a lens for making sense of our world. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the studio, a vision of biologist and studio head Sean B. Carroll, is uniquely positioned to shine a light on some of the most significant scientific challenges and breakthroughs of our time. Recent films include Emmy Award-winners The Serengeti Rules and The Farthest – Voyager In Space; Emmy-nominated Nature’s Fear Factor and My Garden of a Thousand Bees; Peabody Award-winner Inventing Tomorrow; and Oscar-nominated All That Breathes, the only documentary to win best documentary at both Sundance and Cannes. To extend the reach and impact of each film, the studio leads educational and public outreach efforts in partnership with mission-focused organizations. For more information, please visit

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