Austin’s Elopea Helps Couples Tell Their Origin Story by Unveiling ‘Cinematic Moments’


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Austin startup Elopea is disrupting the wedding industry with a breakthrough offering. 

AUSTIN, Texas, March 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Never before has a company taken this huge innovative step in the history of wedding photography and videography. Austin-based elopement company Elopea now offers a service called ‘Cinematic Moments’. The service captures the origin stories of couples and shows them to wedding guests in place of a traditional montage. The “movie” or short film encapsulates the married couple’s story of how they got together and their journey together to love in the genre of a romantic film. As opposed to traditional videos with montages of photos and clips, this innovative, groundbreaking concept adds more romance and charm to the special day. 

As a luxurious, innovative, and intimate wedding planning company in Austin, Elopea is passionate about providing an unforgettable experience. They’re on a mission to ensure that brides and grooms-to-be can book a venue they love for 2 whole hours without paying high fees. And now, in an effort to make these accessible weddings even more engaging and exciting, Elopea is helping couples tell their origin story in a unique way. 

The couple has the option of appearing in the film as themselves or having actors portray them.  Elopea’s founder, Michelle Cua, has a mission behind the new Cinematic Moments rollout: “Elopea loves to stay innovative. We know that weddings tend to be traditional and we appreciate that aspect, but we also love to include new ways to make the wedding ceremony more memorable and intimate. Including romantic short films starring the couple themselves excites family, friends, and guests. They get to see their beloved friends on the screen and how they got to be in love. This kind of exciting innovation doesn’t have to be out of someone’s budget. We make it accessible for anyone looking to have an elegant wedding ceremony with an elevated experience.”

Elopea’s Cinematic Moments are set to be announced at the Austin Wedding Expo on April 2nd.  They will be giving away one complimentary film feature to one lucky couple. Partnering with Elopea on this offering is filmmaker Nick Felice, a previous recipient of the Best Director award at the Nevada International Film Festival. 

The Elopea team’s overall mission is to change the wedding experience by making them more interactive and intimate with new and unique ideas to complement a traditional ceremony. Each ceremony is memorable and customized to how the couple envisions their big day. With practical resources and elegant touches, the Elopea team is revolutionizing the wedding ceremony and wedding planning to create your dream wedding. And now, they’re changing the way couples can enjoy their love story. On the big screen.

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Shows - TREND MAG originally published at Shows - TREND MAG

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